BSc Immersive Systems Design students Jaime Ojeda and Omar Said won the second INDCOR Complexity Jam

ComplexityJam is a special game jam of INDCOR Cost Action. Its aim is to gather interactive digital narratives (IDNs) that tackle complexity (complex issues) by using interactive mechanics.

The topic for this year's edition were:

Reset, Reboot Reenergize: Energy consumption and production account for the majority of global greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, more than 80% of global energy is still rooted in fossil fuels. A transition to more inclusive, sustainable, affordable, and secure global energy systems are necessary.

Jamie and Omar will be invited to present their game to an audience of researchers in the areas of Interactive Digital Storytelling and complexity representation at a Indcor meeting in 2023 (location to be confirmed).  

You can learn more about the game, download and play here - K.L.E.A.N. INITIATIVE by G3GaByte

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