“A Journey Through Love and Time” is a third person, music adventure game that I designed and created for my year-long Honours project whilst studying at the Glasgow School of Art, alongside my Dissertation Project.  The game and narrative are designed in the likeness of an album, with each level representing a track of an album. The game is a sequential, non-stop experience – inspired by the album Confessions On a Dance Floor by Madonna, which is mixed from beginning to end. This concept is a twist on the traditional rhythm game format, as to apply more focus on the flow of the story and investment in character and narrative development.

The plot follows Arcadia, the lead singer of a nu-disco band, who is heartbroken after her partner breaks up with her moments before she is due to perform at a New York nightclub. Although devasted, she continues her performance, and the game follows her through the evening as she learns acceptance and hope.

Genre: Third Person, Music-Adventure

Engine: Unity

Development Period: September 2021 – April 2022

Platform: PC

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