In 2017, MSc Medical Visualisation and Human Anatomy student Naina Nair developed a series of detailed 3D visualisations of the flu virus, working with Dr Edward Hutchinson of the University of Glasgow. The ground-breaking work was featured in the news, and has been detailed in publications since.

The work is demonstrating its lasting impact, and has now (November 2022) been adopted by the University of Glasgow's School of Infection and Immunity for use in marketing and promotional material.

Naina's project was also the first in a line of collaborative projects with the Hutchinson Lab at the School of Infection and Immunity, and one of many that has seen student projects become the 'face' of research journals and reach a global audience.

Slater, A., Nair, N., Suétt, R., Mac Donnchadha, R., Bamford, C., Jasim, S., Livingstone, D., Hutchinson, E. 2022, 2022. Visualising Viruses. Journal of General Virology 103, 001730.  

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