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1 year
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The MSc Heritage Visualisation equips candidates with an understanding of current critical heritage debates focussing on the digital domain, as well as the practical skills required to digitally document and re-visualise a range of heritage sites and objects of local, national and international significance.  

Candidates will become familiar with the range of skills needed for the meaningful 3D documentation of cultural sites and heritage assets, and the ability to present them effectively for use by the varied user groups and audiences engaged in areas such as cultural heritage management, academic research, tourism and beyond.  

The course is structured using a combination of lectures, seminars and hands on recording (including the use of laser scanning and photogrammetry) as well as digital model development to enable students to understand the process of creating original Digital Heritage Objects from the original critical approaches and project planning through to technical execution and delivery. Working with leading professionals in the fields of digital heritage, digital documentation, real-time interactive systems, digital creativity and 3D modelling, candidates will benefit from the courses' novel approach to fostering multi-disciplinary study in heritage, visualisation, animation, interactive software development and archaeological practice.

Understanding Heritage

Heritage is an exciting and vibrant field which challenges its practitioners to think critically and in-depth across a range of issues. This course focusses on what digital visualisation techniques can do for us in the heritage domain, but carefully situates these within debates around the nature of digital technology in general and how it changes, for better or worse, how we engage with heritage.

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Our Team

SimVis faculty and support staff come from a wide range of backgrounds.  Our Heritage tutors have long professional experience in the Digital Heritage domain and our 3D and VR tutors have professional experience in software development, including games, and computer science. This gives us a broad range of relevant expertise, constantly refreshed with active engagement in large scale and international research projects and knowledge exchange activity.

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