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The Master of Design (MDes) in Sound for the Moving Image offers the opportunity for postgraduate students to engage with the craft and creative practice of sound production applied to film, animation, broadcast media, virtual reality, electronic games and visual art, as well as equipping students with the tools required to develop a research project within this field. The programme promotes production of original work, through individual or group-based research, that is conceptually driven, aesthetically challenging and wide-ranging in its use of sound design and music production/composition.

The programme is delivered via a series of taught workshops, set and elective projects, lecture and studio sessions underpinned by a philosophy of self-directed learning. The emphasis of the programme rationale is the interplay between creative practices underpinned by theoretical research, mediated through the craft elements of sound production within a visual environment.

The programme prepares students for entry into a professional sound production environment, to enhance their creative practice with sound and sonic art, or for further academic study by research.

The Programme

Our students are creators. They make work from concept to delivery. Our philosophy is to equip our students with advanced technical skills and a deep theoretical understanding of their medium. We encourage students to work both autonomously and collaboratively to produce original work that challenges and intrigues the spectator. To this end, students are immersed in studio-based practice from the outset of the course.

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Our Team

Our faculty and support staff come from a wide range of professional and academic backgrounds, with experience at the BBC and independent TV and film sound, as well as in creative arts and academic research. Our varied expertise enables us to cover many specialisms as well as providing a broader overview. Tutors continued engagement with music practice and recording work outside of the GSA ensures that they remain fully engaged with emergent practices, processes and technologies.

The Team

Past Projects

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