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4 Years
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BDes Sound for Moving Image is an undergraduate Honours degree taught at Years 3 & 4. Students studying Sound Design, Sound Engineering, or related courses in Further Education or Community Colleges can apply to enter or transfer directly into year 3 of this degree programme.

Students begin by recording and constructing soundscapes, then branch out to create original films, and progressing onto interactive audio-visual installations. The fundamentals are taught in Year 3: stereo sound production, fixed frame video, and interactive systems.

In the final year students engage with more complex practices, including multi-channel spatial audio and 360 film. Students also complete projects on music for picture and a major self-directed sound project of the student's own choosing.

The Studio

Studio refers to a practice based way of working, a method of practical learning that underpins all programmes at GSA.

In BDes Sound for the Moving Image, the majority of learning is practice, studio, based – supported by critical studies classes that provide space for discussing the theories and ideas underpinning contemporary audio-visual practices. Of course, we also have a suite of dubbing studios - equipped for surround and stereo sound editing, and the shared ARUP Ambisonic Sound lab.

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Studio projects are designed to stimulate your creativity, whilst familiarising you with an eclectic range of technical workflows: from capturing field recordings and constructing them into otherworldly soundscapes, to capturing and editing your own short films.  Other projects you work on might include exploring how to build interactive audio-visual installations, work on sound for computer games, or weave together your own interviews and archive materials to create novel documentaries.

Past Projects

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