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Course Duration:
4 years
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This programme is technology focused with a strong art-school foundation, combining rigorous taught components with studio based learning and critical thinking. Along with providing graduates with a highly relevant skill set in practical software and immersive systems (Augmented and Virtual Reality) development, this programme offers students opportunities to develop industry standard 3D modelling skills within the context of real-time development and XR technologies. Students will develop an understanding of how people and technology interact, combined with the creative insight essential to help create the future in immersive systems.  

3D modelling is a core discipline for the development of content for Immersive Systems and an essential skill in related digital games, animation, VFX and related domains. Students will specialise in 3D modelling while gaining a broader range of technical skills. Technical artists combine knowledge of how software and hardware digital systems function with modelling and animation skills, and are highly valued team members on many Immersive Systems projects, due to their strong understanding of technical issues, problems and solutions related to real-time rendering and application development. An understanding of user experience and user evaluation further enriches and augments students abilities in modelling and design for specific activities.


This programme offers students the opportunity to develop a strong technical skillset through studio practice on a range of 3D modelling, animation, game-making and virtual reality techniques. The two pathways (3D Modelling / Games & Virtual Reality) have a common Year 1 & the opportunity to choose a specialism from Year 2. The whole programme is project-based and student work is focused on the development of 3D, VR and Game techniques through an open conceptual and creative perspective.

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You'll work on a range of individual and collaborative projects across the four years, learning 3D modelling and digital sculpting with industry standard tools such as ZBrush and 3DS Max, and application development for PC and VR with Unity 3D. You'll also be working with Virtual Reality from Year 1, and over the four years you'll build and develop increasing expertise in specialist topics such as character modelling, rigging, and with your own self-directed studio and research projects.

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